Body Building for Girls

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When we mean body building for girls, we are referring to female body building for teen girls. Bodybuilding is not just a sport reserved for males. Girls can get as fit, strong, and toned like boys even though their approach needs to be different.

Set A Realistic and Attainable Goal

Girls need to set realistic body building goals if they are trying to figure out what they want to accomplish with their weight training.  While some girls want to achieve a stunning physique body, most girls just want to lose weight.

Others would like to become firm and toned.  Still, others are using bodybuilding as a way to excel at sports.  When you want to achieve any of this, set goals and keep those goals in mind during your workout programs.  Don’t lose sight of those goals and use them as motivation to keep going.

Unlike teen guys, who produce more testosterone than girls do, you won’t be building muscle in the same way as your male counterpart do. You can, however, tone your muscles and sculpt a beautiful body if you keep an eye on the end result you want to achieve.

When it comes to diet, girls who are starting a body building routine should keep a few things in mind. First of all, girls need different nutrients than boys.  They require much more iron due to blood loss during menstruation as well as they can also benefit from more protein.  Protein provides muscle building material in the body, so it should be consumed both through diet as well as supplements.

When you think of supplements, girls should avoid testosterone replacement supplements. These types of artificial substances can make a woman or girl look more like a man. Moreover, it can seriously impede health.  Though they will make your muscles grow stronger and quicker, they should still be avoided for girls who are doing serious body building.

Rest is Equally Important As Exercise

Body Building for Girls

Keep in mind that both girls and boys who are doing bodybuilding need to get lots of rest.  This is essential for any teenagers, especially if you are working your body; you really need to get a lot of rest. Muscles are grown when the body is in a sedentary state.  While you sleep, your muscles will grow and you will be repairing any damage in your body while working out.

Furthermore, get the advice of an adult before taking up a body building program. There is a high possibility for girls who want to use body building as a fitness program to make beautiful bodies that they can be proud of.  Just be sure you do it safely and know what you are doing before you start. Watch the result of your hard work unfold, and enjoy what you are doing.

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Hardcore Body Building

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For many people, body building as a sport can be quite hardcore. Hardcore means in a way that it can be intense and all-consuming. But another way to look at hardcore bodybuilding is gaining mass and muscle tone in a natural way without the benefit of artificial hormones such as steroids.

In Is Not Just A Sport

Hardcore Body Building

Some people who are really into body building think of this sport as hardcore in and of itself.  Building body mass and toning muscles involve hard work and dedication.  Hardcore bodybuilding is making a commitment to shaping the best body with sweat and hard work.

It is easy for hardcore body builders to fall into the trap of obsession with the sport.  They want to become the biggest and the best.  The quickest way to achieve this is to take synthetic muscle building steroids or growth hormones. However, hardcore bodybuilding doesn’t have to involve these substances.  You can still grow your body without them.

Doing bodybuilding is a whole body and mind experience that focuses on training specific muscle groups and growing those muscles to extreme proportions. This is only achieved through a proper diet, a safe workout plan, and a mentality that leads itself to hardcore growth.

There are natural supplements in the market that are safe to take for a hardcore bodybuilder. Moreover, it will allow amazing muscle growth with the right weight lifting regimen.  You have to be dedicated, you have to stick with it, and above everything else, you need to know how to perform the exercises correctly.

No Pain, No Gain

Bodybuilding as a sport creates beautiful, well-sculpted bodies in men and women who are willing to work hard for their stunning physique.  When you do a weight lifting program, you will want to pay special attention to the way your muscles respond to the weights as well as feel the resistance that the weights provide.

The saying goes, “no pain, no gain” really applies in hardcore bodybuilding. You must push yourself and your body if you are interested in sculpting a well-toned body.  However, you must also be aware of your limits and not push too hard as you may cause injury to your body.

In the end, the sport of bodybuilding can be quite hardcore if you want it to be.  If you are interested in becoming a hardcore body builder, you must pay special attention to each muscle group on your body and work on it until it is toned and defined.  Hardcore bodybuilding is not only a sport; it is also molding your body into a stunning physique.

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Encyclopedia of Body Building

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An encyclopedia gives a great amount of information about specific topics to people interested in learning more about a subject.  An encyclopedia of body building should contain information not only about the sport of bodybuilding but also bodybuilding as a way of life.

There are some great tools available to you as an aspiring bodybuilder like definitions, suggestions, advice, and much more.  You can find some great resources when it comes to searching for an encyclopedia of body building.  These resources can be found online or even in book form.

Looking For Information Online

When online, you might want to check out various websites about body building. There are websites that show a wide range of details about body building. Furthermore, there is some great information to be found in it. You can get tips on how to workout properly, data on the best supplements to use, and ways to get the proper nutrition for an effective body building routine.

A great website you can check into is  This “Super Site” tells about upcoming competitions for bodybuilders along with some terrific tips and advice about workout programs and positive mindsets.  There is also a great motivational section with hundreds of articles about how to stay on track with your body building program.

For teenagers who are looking for a comprehensive encyclopedia of body building, you can check-out  This site is directly aimed toward teen bodybuilders and how young people can work out properly without injury.  Their articles give some great information to help any teen with his or her body building program.

Books Are A Big Source of Information

Body Building

Many bodybuilding experts have written some great books about the sport.  Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger has collaborated with fitness expert Bill Dobbins to publish “The New Encyclopedia of Body Building:  The Bible of Body Building,” which is available in many bookstores as well as online.

Aside from that, weightlifting expert Paul Ward has also published a book on body building.  His Encyclopedia of weight training concentrates on the weight lifting portion of a body building program.  It tells about how to incorporate weight lifting into your exercise plan and how to perform those exercises correctly to minimize the chance of muscle injury.

If you are looking for an encyclopedia of body building, you have many resources right at your fingertips.  Find a comprehensive guide to bodybuilding that will give you accurate information about the sport and tell you what you need to know.  A complete encyclopedia of bodybuilding can be a great tool in your quest for the stunning physique body.

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